About Us

Jeanette Stofleth & River grew up in a musical family and began learning the guitar from a chord poster hanging on the wall in 1996. In the following years Jeanette enjoyed playing and writing several songs along side father Jody Stofleth who was an inspiration. Jody instilled the love of music in all of his children as a dedicated and accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer. Eventually Jeanette began creating music with sibling River James.

Composing and performing music became commonplace and has continued to be the driving passion of Jeanette’s life mission – to spread love and peace in the world through music. Originally performing under the band name Lightbow, the Seattle sibling duo later changed their name to The Acoustics when they released their debut album in the early 2000’s, entitled Acoustic Revolution, a fiercely political yet ambient soundscape during a time of war. Jeanette and River James performed at numerous venues in the Pacific Northwest during the early 2000’s including local coffee shops, bars, art festivals, anti-war political rallies, and at Seattle’s historic Moore theatre.

The Acoustics have had the privilege and enjoyment of collaborating with accomplished musicians including Jeff Loose, David Golightly, and Poeina Suddarth. After Jeanette’s two children were born live performances died down for The Acoustics but an inner drive to compose music remained, transforming Jeanette’s musical expression into late night recording sessions. Jeanette Stofleth sings and plays guitar for The Acoustics, as well as various acoustic and electronic instruments, while River James plays the rhythm guitar, lead guitar, writes lyrics and sings backup vocals.

Most of Jeanette’s songs have come in the night in the form of melodies from dreams. River and Jeanette enjoy collaboratively creating and experiencing the depths of emotion that capture uniquely expensive, harmonic sound frequencies as they enjoy writing and recording sessions in their music studio. In early 2018 the two completed their most recent multi-genre record, As I, with the help of sound engineer Dan Trager. Away from music, Jeanette stays active in a number of local charitable organizations. Jeanette is particularly supportive of Women Against Violence Everywhere (WAVE) as well as other organizations raising awareness and funding for Northwest Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society as well as the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation. Jeanette enjoys staying in shape by practicing yoga and cycling and has combined these passions by engaging in the National MS Society’s Bike MS initiative, including WAVE charity rides.

Love to Love Ya…