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Of Once Was

Solo Project

Like many artists/musicians Jeanette continues to be inspired to create musical pieces from dreams and extreme emotional experiences. Although many aspects of Jeanette’s life are structured and could be described as methodical, this Symphony “Why I” was not mapped out. Nor did it awaken Jeanette from a dream as musical melodies usually do. It came suddenly in a flash – much like an awake dream – the profound beautiful music poured out. “Why I” is a non-traditional contemporary symphony which is made up of four distinct movements. The composition builds in intensity for the listener, invoking strong pleasurable emotions and crescendoing to a polyphonic texture of melodies for the finale. Jeanette has been working diligently and happily composing this multimedia work of art for the past several months. Jeanette has written and recorded original music for over twenty years. This symphony is Jeanette’s first classical symphonic composition.

To Be Released To Public Early 2020